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What is the Widespread Belief and Misconception between God and Money?

Written on March 28, 2016   By   in Godly Money Principles

“For the love of money is a root to all kinds of evils”, said Paul, in his first letter to his young disciple Timothy (1 Timothy 6:10).


For a long time now, the masses have recreated this verse according to their own dialects and have substituted some of the words from the verse with others, changing the meaning of the verse completely. For example, ‘The love of money’ has been replaced with ‘money’ alone and ‘a root of all evils’ has been switched with ‘the root of evil’.

This means that the verse originally meant that money could be one of the reasons of the evil doings widespread in the world. However, after the verse was transformed in the modern version, it meant that money ‘IS’ the reason to the evil in this world. These changes have brought about a big impact on the meaning of this verse.

What is the misconception?

With the modern world progressing in all fields, we have also tried to materialize the religious teachings of Bible. People who have been fed the wrong idea that money is the reason of the evil that is running this world (as it seems), are of the view that there is nothing worse than the desire to be wealthy or the desire to earn money.

What is the real meaning?

Mathews 15:19, James 1:15 and Romans 5:12 are all the references where Bible has made it clear that money is not the sole root to the evil in the world, SIN is. Wealth and money are basically neutral in moral terms. There is nothing wrong with earning or having a lot of money.

If you have earned it, or even if you have inherited your money, there is no negative factor attached to it, unless you use that for evil purposes. The trouble basically starts when your money begins to control you and your deeds. If you have a control over your consciousness, your money will never drive you towards evil.

Why is money ‘A root to all kinds of evil’?

To understand this concept, we have to conclude the verse, (1 Timothy 6:2-10). In this verse, Paul tells Timothy that the source of the ‘Real Gain’ is the contentment towards godliness.  This means that people should know that they do not come in this world with any money in their pockets and everything bestowed over us, is by God. Money is basically ‘a root to all kinds of evils’ when we develop ‘love for money’. The desire to be rich can lead us into temptation and which in return, leads people into evils.

Overall, the misconception and the belief spread in the world that money takes to towards evil is wrong. It is the sin which you opt taking leverage of money. We have witnessed some of the richest men on earth. However, we have seen them doing positive and things for the world with their ’hard-earned’ money. Do you think money has been an evil for these men? Hence, make sure that you have done your homework, before you start believing in fabricated concepts.

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