God's Money Principles


Money is inherently a touchy subject to us Christians. Why? It’s because of the untrue beliefs about money that many people misunderstand. It roots from the bible’s scripture of 1 Timothy 6:10 “…money is the root of all evil…” that misinterprets people’s understanding of God’s word on money.

With the thinking of money being the root of evil, it has led many Christians to believe wealth and abundance is also the work of evil and that we shall not seek it. This is far from the truth.

With a God created world with so many abundant resources of land, water, and food, how can it be said that we shouldn’t be abundant and fruitful?

Come venture with us as we reveal God’s principle’s regarding money, wealth, abundance, and being fruitful Christians.

We assure you it’s not the root of all evil but the truth from God.

Blessed Love always!