God's Money Principles

Month: April 2016

Money Change

Most people grew up with the idea and the mindset of lack. But in our previous post we’ve proven that God wants us to be rich and live in abundance.

People who have lived the poverty mindset for majority of their lives will struggle with the argument. They will argue things like “being rich is greedy and greed is a sin”, or “money doesn’t grow on trees“, and other such cynical thinking.

But we understand the pushback even if it’s backed by God and His word. It’s because Continue Reading →

April 7, 2016     0 Comments

God Wants You To Be Rich!

As we mentioned on our previous post, many people believe that God’s view of money is that money is the root of all evil. But as you’ve probably read this could be no further from the truth.

I would like to take the time to enlighten on the subject a bit more.

God doesn’t want people to be poor but prosperous. If you take a look at the world (universe even) that God has created, you can see that he has created it with insurmountable abundance! The abundance of land, water, food, resources, air, sky, etc. He didn’t create a world of lack and limitation. Lack and limitation is a lie! Continue Reading →

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