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Month: March 2016

What is the Widespread Belief and Misconception between God and Money?

“For the love of money is a root to all kinds of evils”, said Paul, in his first letter to his young disciple Timothy (1 Timothy 6:10).


For a long time now, the masses have recreated this verse according to their own dialects and have substituted some of the words from the verse with others, changing the meaning of the verse completely. For example, ‘The love of money’ has been replaced with ‘money’ alone and ‘a root of all evils’ has been switched with ‘the root of evil’.

This means that the verse originally meant that money could be one of the reasons of the evil doings widespread in the world. However, after the verse was transformed in the modern version, it meant that money ‘IS’ the reason to the evil in this world. These changes have brought about a big impact on the meaning of this verse.

What is the misconception?

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God’s Money Principles

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